Configure SMS recognition

SMS recognition mechanism offered by ProCoins will speed up the process of registering transactions by automatically distributing operations to categories and subcategories.

After successful recognition of SMS message, you can adjust transaction details by clicking on the registered notification.

Follow these steps to configure SMS recognition:

1. Open application panel (swipe from left) and select 'SMS Detection'.

2. If your device is running Android version 5.0+, you need to grant ProCoins permissions to access SMS messages.

3. Next, click on selected SMS message and press 'Configure' button.

4. Now the best part begins - you can choose several combinations like [account], [account, category] or [account, category,subcategory]. It is up to you how many fields will be configured. To fill in the fields, you must select an account, category or subcategory and then highlight the corresponding text in the message body (shown above). Keep in mind that you also have to select an amount of the transactions that is registered in the SMS message. Once completed, click on 'Save' button.

5. After completing step nr 4, the list should be updated and appropriate labels put on each message that fits in specified recognition criteria.

6. You can click the 'Recognize' button to verify the results.

7. Finally, you can check if the proper transaction has been registered within the category you defined.

When a new SMS message arrives and is recognized by ProCoins, you will see the appropriate notification in the notification drawer. Clicking on that notification will open the transaction editing window where you can make further modifications.

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