How to set Budgeting and Reporting period

Setting up Reporting and Budgeting period requires the following steps to be performed:

1. Open ProCoins settings and click on the 'Reporting & Budgeting period' option.

2. In the 'Select reporting period' popup window, select desired period (i.e. Week, Month etc.). After enabling 'Reporting and Budgeting period' all the calculations (balance, transactions, etc.) will be aligned with the specified period. Please note that the data remains untouched, only the way it is displayed within various places in the application.


3. Additionally, you can define start date for 'Reporting and Budgeting period' by clicking on the 'Beginning of Reporting & Budgeting period' option. By default it is set to 1st day of the current year.

You can also enable budgeting functionality that allows setting limit for a given period for each Income and Expense category. To do so, simply click on 'Budgeting' icon in the application settings.


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